What's your story?

Immigration today has many faces: they are the stories of the 68.5 million forcibly displaced asylum seekers and refugees, and of the 244 million international migrants around the world. Immigration is also the story of the current bureaucratic systems that fail to serve its applicants. 

We think it's important for the general public to understand the stories of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, in an effort to build empathy and understanding of our common humanity. If you'd like to share your story, fill out the form below.

The name we will publish with your story. You can use your first name only, or a nickname.
Where are you from originally?
Which country are you processing your immigration case with? What agency oversees that process? For example: United States Immigration (USCIS); or Sweden (Migrationsverket).
We are all unique and we have our own story. Tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are, what your dreams and hopes are, what your life is like. What's your favorite food? Where have you travelled? Do you have pets? Anything that comes to mind that you would like others to know about.
Tell us your immigration story. Why are you immigrating? What was the immigration process like? What obstacles and opportunities did you find along the way?
Based on your immigration experience, was it difficult to: *
Based on your immigration experience, was it difficult to:
Understand where to start.
Fill out and file forms.
Find information specific to your case.
Speak with immigration caseworkers.
Not know what was happening to your case.
Complete the interview.
Deal with the long waiting times.
Remain positive during the process.
Deal with the decision outcome.
Speak another language during the process.
Follow your dreams (career/hopes).
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Photo by  Matteo Paganelli  on  Unsplash